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At UW-Stout Leadership Development Institute (LDI), we know that specific processes and subject matter facilitate outstanding leadership - our extensive research and experience confirm it. We have effective, proven strategies and techniques to help you develop the leadership expertise you've been journeying toward all along. Take the next step with LDI and prepare for arrival at your leadership destination.

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Leadership 101Leadership 101:
Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Problem Solving

This full-day session focuses on three critical elements of leadership. The first is communication - key to creating trust and strong, growth-filled organizations. We'll study several types of communication, organizational communication styles, and hands-on activities to practice and develop increased communication skills. Emotional intelligence, our second leadership focus, is a fundamental skill of great leaders. We'll explore multiple areas of emotional intelligence, discover the role it plays in trust and relationship building within your organization, and participate in interactive practice of EI skills. Our third topic, problem solving in the workplace, is an essential component for not only leaders, but for all employees. Equip yourself and your entire team with the skills and confidence to make decisions, solve problems, and move your company forward. Learn more.

Organization Leadership: Putting Principles into Practice
New online course!

Effective leadership is the driving force behind any highly competitive organization. This program offers an overview of those concepts and requisite skills. Leadership theories and their effect on various individual and organizational situations will be examined through the study of leadership personality, leadership styles, effective communication strategies, motivating followers, creating vision, strategic direction, and culture. Six-week online course. Learn more.


More LDI Leadership Learning Opportunities - Dates TBD

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is leadership that transcends self-interest to serve the needs of others by helping them grow professionally and personally. In this session you will learn about your leadership style and the impacts it may have on your followers. For more information regarding upcoming Servant Leadership session dates, contact UW-Stout Discovery Center.

Navigating the Gravitational Pull of Change

As you lead in today's ever-changing business climate, you understand that no industry is left untouched by the hand of change. If you're a leader who is managing in an environment of uncertainty, this course is for you. For more information regarding upcoming Navigating the Gravitational Pull of Change session dates, contact UW-Stout Discovery Center.

Leadership DevelopmentThe Extraordinary Leader

This program is based on the bestselling book, The Extraordinary Leader by Drs. Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman. It draws on 20 years of research and data from detailed statistical profiles on more than 25,000 managers in a wide range of organizations. You will learn a new approach to help you build on your strengths understanding the 360-degree feedback process. For more information regarding upcoming Extraordinary Leader session dates, contact UW-Stout Discovery Center.

I don't think there is a better leadership development value in the nation.
Tom Thelen President - LOGICARE Corporation