S.T.A.R. Scholars & Stoutward Bound

Students Thriving in Academic Resilience
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Join a learning and living community for first-year American ethnic minority students.



  • Students move to campus two weeks before the start of the fall semester to get to know the campus.
  • Participate in workshops on transitioning to college.
  • Students take two common courses together.
  • General Psychology starts two weeks early and continues on fall schedule.
  • Fundamentals of Speech is spring semester course.
  • Students meet with the S.T.A.R. Scholars advisor and peer mentors for intentional one-on-one attention providing a link to campus resources, offer encouragement and support.



LIVING COMMUNITY - Stoutward Bound

  • Participants required to live on-campus.
  • Students are underrepresented minorities and supporters of diversity.
  • Lives on the 4th floor of CKTO.
  • Academic support through student outreach and community study sessions.
  • Students will be given opportunities for personal growth through workshops, community activities and leadership development.

How to Apply

Contact Vickie Sanchez or complete the online application.
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STAR Scholars - article

Students arrived two weeks early, stay connected throughout year
"It is a strong community that helps create deep bonds and lifelong friendships"
William Yang