CVTC Transfer Opportunities

CVTC and UW-Stout are committed to working together to build a seamless transfer pathway for you!
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Do More on Day One.
Take Your Career Further at UW-Stout.

Get the credit you deserve for the credits you’ve earned. Transfer your CVTC experience into a bachelor’s degree at University of Wisconsin-Stout, and do more of what matters for your future at Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University.

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Dedicated Transfer Student Scholarships

As soon as you apply, we’ll automatically consider you for $2m+ in incoming and continuing student scholarships, including our dedicated transfer scholarship.


Fast-Track Transfer Pathways

UW-Stout and CVTC have teamed up to streamline your credit transfer process. Our transfer pathways make it clear how your CVTC credits will apply to your chosen major at UW-Stout, maximizing credit retention for your degree. 

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General Education Credit Transfer

Optimize your credit transfer using CVTC's General Education Transfer Guide. Tailored to align with both CVTC and UW-Stout's evolving curriculums, this annual guide aids in course selection that best suits your future objectives. For tailored advice, consult the support staff listed below. Make your general education credits count!  

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Guaranteed Admission

Secure your transfer with CVTC's guaranteed admission program for University Transfer Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS). Consult CVTC's UW Shared Advisor to capitalize on this opportunity if you're enrolled in either program.  

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Transfer Support Team

For the most seamless transfer experience we encourage you to connect with staff at CVTC and UW-Stout early in your educational journey to discuss your goals and map out your path to transfer. You are not alone on this journey and we are here to help!

Sarah Schliesmann, CVTC UW Advisor

Sarah Schliesmann

CVTC UW Transfer Advisor

Mollie Ficek, Transfer Coordinator

Mollie Ficek

UW-Stout Transfer Admissions Counselor