Tech Tips Newsletter - Using LiveBinders

Editor: Karen Franker
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The Benefits of Using LiveBinders

Explore how faculty, instructional designers, and learners are using LiveBinders as an indispensable tool for designing electronic portfolios, organizing course materials, and electronically sharing resources to support and demonstrate learning.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use LiveBinders

Building a Digital Portfolio with LiveBinders 
Justin Stallings shares five reasons that he uses LiveBinders every day to quickly collect and share professional development resources. In addition, he explains how LiveBinders is an excellent tool for creating digital portfolios.

Living It Up with LiveBinders: Organizing Faculty Shared Web 2.0 Resources(PowerPoint) 
Leslie Johnson’s presentation at the 2013 Sloan-C Conference on Online Learning provides a “getting started” overview of using LiveBinders to support teaching and learning in online courses.

LiveBinders for Learning: Instructional Design 
Dianne Rees shares how she uses LiveBinders to create intentional learning experiences for problem-based learning.

Top 20 LiveBinders You Should Not Miss 
Med Kharbach shares some of the best LiveBinder examples including: Free Technology Tools for Teachers, iPod Touch and iPad resources, and An Educator Guide to Twitter.

LiveBinder Tips and Tricks 
The LiveBinders staff has created this helpful LiveBinder collection of tutorials and how-to guides for first-time users.

Organize Your Online Resources with LiveBinders 
Sandy Kendell provides her perspectives on successfully using LiveBinders for student projects.

10 More Great Ways Educators Are Using LiveBinders 
The LiveBinders Blog editors share innovative LiveBinder projects, including: a Virtual Summer Camp for educators, a 9th grade English binder integrating Google Docs, and a Conference Presentation example.

LiveBinders in an Elementary Science Methods Course (video: 7:23 min.) 
Julie Gess-Newsome describes how she creates LiveBinders as electronic textbooks in her teacher education courses at Oregon State University.

Tech Tip: LiveBinder it  Bookmarking Tool

Justin Stallings explains how you can quickly and easily insert favorite Websites into a specified LiveBinder with the LiveBinder it Web browser extension. In addition, you may add a LiveBinder it button to Websites and blogs.