The Stout Game Expo (SGX) invites you to play dozens of student-made games at a virtual event.
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SGX is all online this year with a virtual showcase of games and interactive experiences created by senior through freshman students of UW-Stout's Game Design and Development programs! 

Browse the virtual Stout Game Expo from this website or download the fully-hyperlinked SGX event program.


Freshman Games

Play dozens of board games created by freshman students.
Get Some Game On!

Sophomore Games

Exciting games created by sophomore students.
Check it Out!

Junior Games

Variety of multi-player, puzzle and party games created by junior students.
Game Party!

Senior Capstone Games

Awesome games in-development, launching Spring 2021!
These are Awesome!

Interactive Environments

Play games that respond to your actions within the game.
Find Your Fun!

SGX.19 Gallery

Looking to relive the excitement of last year's SGX? Here are some highlights from SGX.19!