E-textbooks & Digital Resources

Our students have the advantage of accessing affordable digital resources for their primary course content.
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UW-System's Polytechnic University

One of UW-Stout's core values is the pursuit of innovation, technology, and sustainability with a constant eye to the future. UW-Stout also values your learning experience and understands the speed at which information flows.

E-textbooks and other digital course resources add to the variety of instructional materials available through Instructional Resources Service (IRS), at an affordable cost to faculty and students. 

E-textbooks save our students money.

E-Reader Platforms & Digital Tools

E-reader Access via D2L

Currently, digital content is provided on several platforms:

Presentations & Training

For instructor training, please contact Michael King at Kingmi@uwstout.edu.

Stout "Open" for Learning and Value in Education (SOLVE): An Open Textbook Pilot (UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development, April 2016)

Why E-textbooks? Polytechnic Summit Presentation (June 2014)

Free Learning Objects - open educational resources that have a Creative Commons copyright and allow for open use, modification, and sharing.