Fall 2018 Registration

Registration and Records
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Fall 2018 registration begins on April 5 for graduate students who have paid their tuition in full and have no holds on their accounts. 

Advisement Day is Wed. April 6.  Campus-based students should visit the advisement center website to determine if you have mandatory meetings with your advisor in your program area.  Distance-based learners should consult with their program directors regarding advising for future courses. 

Registration Dates

Graduate Students April 5th - 6th
Seniors April 9th - 13th
Juniors April 16th - 20th
Sophomores April 23rd - 27th
Freshmen April 30th - May 4th
Open Registration May 5th


Your enrollment appointment is available in Access Stout and is based on your academic level (graduate or undergraduate) and your credits earned to date.  This does not include credits that are in-progress or you are currently registered for.  If you need any help finding your enrollment appointment or enrolling for courses, please follow these helpful step by step guides. 

Don’t forget to use the Schedule Planner to plan your best class schedule. For help on how to use the Schedule Planner (located in your student center), please refer here.     

All students except those who applied to graduate in Dec. are eligible to enroll in classes for the Fall term.  If you applied to graduate in December but need to take Fall courses to satisfy additional requirements, please contact the Registration and Records office at registrar@uwstout.edu for an enrollment appointment.