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Student Scholarships

Despite our value-driven tuition and housing rates the total average cost, including living and additional expenses, of attending UW-Stout is approximately $88,500. The average Stout undergraduate student borrows $30,410 prior to graduation, and "lack of funding" is a reason many students are unable to complete their degree. Currently, the Stout University Foundation only has funds to assist 30% of the students qualified for scholarships. To meet the next generation of workforce demands and to ensure that students who dream of a college degree have the resources available to make their dream a reality, we need your help to increase merit and financial need-based scholarships. 

University Foundation awards nearly $800,000 in scholarships

Stout University Foundation awarded a record amount in scholarships to students
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Faculty Support

Student success starts with exceptional instructors. UW-Stout's distinctive programs depend on attracting and retaining highly sought-after faculty and instructional staff. Recent budget cuts have greatly diminished our ability to be competitive in faculty recruitment, or in some cases, to recruit for essential positions at all. Your support will provide faculty with the ability to conduct research, develop new teaching methods and innovative programming to ensure our student's educational experience is relevant to current workforce trends. 

Five faculty members awarded professorships, chair designations

Three professorships and two other special designations have been awarded to faculty members at University of Wisconsin-Stout.
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