After You’re Hired

Human Resources provides you with a comprehensive orientation experience.
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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Stout!

Human Resources provides you with a comprehensive orientation experience: online orientation modules, a benefits orientation, New@UW-Stout in-person program, and a checklist to assist you in starting your career at the UW-Stout.

Online Orientation Modules

Three online orientation modules have been developed to help you get a jump start on your career and provide you with information necessary for you to review prior to the start of employment. Access the modules by clicking on the links below.

Getting StartedPayrollBenefits

Benefits Orientation

If you are eligible for benefits you will receive an invitation to attend a in-person benefits orientation to answer your questions. You are encouraged to complete the online benefits module prior to the orientation.

New@UW-Stout In-Person Program

You will be invited to the New@UW-Stout Orientation Program which is offered 4-5 times during the year. The program focuses on UW-Stout’s rich history, culture, mission, and future plans.

Supervisor Orientation Checklist

This checklist contains information that you and your supervisor will go over during your first month of employment.