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Partner with us on your growth and change initiatives. Our professional facilitation, evaluation and training services will help you build a better future.
In this Section

Our experienced facilitators and evaluators will guide you through your planning process and ensure that measures of progress & success align with your mission. Our collaborative, customized approach to working with clients allows us to meet you where you're at and help you evolve with confidence.

What We Do

Ask & Understand

Vision & Strategy

A clear vision is the most effective tool for moving an organization forward. A strong strategic plan, a clear logic model, or well-defined outcomes can ensure you remain in alignment with your organizational vision. Our facilitators can support collective visioning and strategic planning processes, working alongside you to clarify your vision, develop clear, measurable objectives, and actionable work plans.

Consensus Building

We value broad stakeholder input. When people at every level of the organization are involved in gathering and making sense of data it creates a sense of mission-driven ownership. Our facilitators have experience in bringing people together to explore challenging issues in ways that lead to improved relationships and a strong organizational culture of listening. As your organization grows and changes, you'll want to bring everyone with you, we can help with that.

Gathering Data

Reliable data is the foundation of our work together. Gathering data that you can trust starts with asking the right questions. We work closely with your team to ensure questions are asked in ways that lead to actionable results. Ethics and equity are always at the center of our approach. We have extensive experience in using surveys of all kinds, interviews, focus groups, and harvesting from large existing data sets.

Process & Translate

Making Sense of Data

Organizations sit on piles of data; answers to important questions lie within the numbers and words that often go un-analyzed. Analysis is just the first step in making sense of your data. You are the expert here, together we explore the meaning of the data. We make sure that your data tells a story that is meaningful to you and allows you to act with confidence.

Dashboards & DataViz

Having reliable tools to help us make meaning of the data is a cornerstone of our work. It’s important to us that you can easily make sense of the data and put it into action. Grounded in human-centered design principles, we provide you with highly visual tools that promote understanding and use.

Reports & Infographics

We create high-quality visual documents and reports that are both beautiful and useful. Our on-staff graphic designer crafts documents that are tailored to different audiences, including one-page infographics, full-color, summary reports for the public, and technical reports that give you a first-hand look at the data. Our goal is always to provide custom documents that best meet your needs. All graphics are developed in HD-format, so they can be used for both print and web. Employing psychological theories of perception and learning, we create visual documents that enhance readability, understanding, and use.

Act & Communicate

Implementation & Facilitation

Nothing is more important to us than turning your results into meaningful action. We will partner with you to operationalize your data-informed findings. Using simple language and visuals, we help you communicate the story of your strategy to all stakeholders. Your continued partnership with us through the implementation phase ensures that you stay aligned with your mission-driven strategy. Our strong communication tools and expert facilitation will spark passion, ensure alignment, and motivate action.

Custom Workshops

Our approach to strategy development and evaluation is improved through capacity building training to ensure that all stakeholders understand the process and that findings get used to inform decisions. We design custom workshops and training to help you develop a culture that supports organizational learning. Our hands-on approach to learning will build energy and capacity within and across teams to support continuous improvement and increased impact.