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UW-Stout's transferable general education courses provide you with the flexibility to study from anywhere and at any time. You can fulfill general education requirements and transfer those credits to complete a UW-Stout online bachelor's degree or on-campus degree program. Contact the college or university you plan to attend and confirm that our online general education courses can be transferred to their degree programs.

At UW-Stout, nearly 2,000 students are enrolled in online or distance education programs. Our Customized Instruction (CI) courses, certificates and certifications and degree programs are designed with the non-traditional student in mind. 

We offer a variety of general education subjects during the academic school year. Click on the following 2020-2021 Academic Year General Education Courses drop-down to see a full list of online general education courses for Fall 2020, Winterm 2021, and Spring 2021 terms.

2020-2021 Academic Year General Education Courses

2020-2021 Academic Year
General Education Online Courses

**This course schedule is tentative, pending enrollment.**

Communication Skills (COMSK)


Course #



Fall 2020

Winterm 2021

Spring 2021

COMST 100 Fundamentals of Speech 3 900C/910C   930C
ENGL 101 Composition 1 3 900C    
ENGL 102 Composition 2 3 900/901C   930/931C

Analytical Reasoning and Natural Science (ARNS)

Subject Course # Course Cr. Fall 2020 Winterm 2021 Spring 2021
BIO 101 Introductory Biology (NSLAB) 4     930C
BIO 111 Sci, Envir & Sustainab (CISS, GLP, NSLAB) 4 900C   930C
BIO 132 Human Biology (NSLAB) 4 900C    
CHEM 110 Chemistry in Our World (CISS & NSLAB) 4     930C
FN 123 Science of Food (GLP, NS) 2 900C    
MATH 118 Concepts of Mathematics (placement score of 2 or MATH 90) 4     930C
STAT 130 Elementary Statistics (moving to 3 credits fall 2020) 2 900/901C 930C 931/932C

Arts & Humanities (ARHU)

Subject Course # Course Cr. Fall 2020 Winterm 2021 Spring 2021
HIST 121 Modern US History (RES B & GLP) 3 900C/901C   930C
HIST 210 Modern World (GLP) 3   930C  
LIT 260 Modern American Literature (RES B) 3     930C
MUSIC 132 Music in our World (GLP) 3 900C 930C  
PHIL 205 Philosophy of Religion 3      
PHIL 220 Multicultural Philosophy (RES A & SRER) 3 900C   930C
PHIL 235 General Ethics (SRER) 3     930C
THEA 232 Theater In Our World (GLP) 3      

Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBSC)

Subject Course #   Cr. Fall 2020 Winterm 2021 Spring 2021
ANTH 220 Cultural Anthropology (RES B & GLP) 3      
ECON 210 Principles of Economics I (GLP) 3 900C    
POLS 210 American Government (RES B) 3 900C   930C
PSYC 110 General Psychology 3     930C
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (GLP) 3 900C    
SOC 225 Social Problems (RES B & GLP) 3   930C  

Cross-Disciplinary Issues (CISS)

Subject Course # Course Cr. Fall 2020 Winterm 2021 Spring 2021
POLS 250 History of Race, Tech., and Policy (RES A) 3     930C
WGS 210 Intro Wmn & Gender Studies (RES A & GLP) 3 900C 930C  

Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning (SRER)

Subject Course # Course Cr. Fall 2020 Winterm 2021 Spring 2021
COMST 312 Intercultural Communication (RES A, GLP) 3 900C   930C/931C
SOC 291 Soc. of Health & Illness (RES A, GLP) 3 900C 930C  
Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Customized Instruction at UW Stout can be described as programs that are designed with the non-traditional student in mind. If you're comparing UW-Stout's online customized instruction (CI) tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

  • $353 per undergraduate credit — customized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
  • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
  • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless of whether they are Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

Value for your Money

There’s more to value than just tuition. UW Stout also provides:

  • Student Services adviser – one point of contact, providing support to online students
  • Course sequences and matrices – know what courses are offered when so you can plan ahead.
  • Courses and programs may be stackable for use in another program.
  • Courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals.

Other universities will present costs and value differently - make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Course materials are available 24/7 on Canvas our online learning environment. In Canvas, you'll find course materials, participate in course discussions, take tests and quizzes, post assignments, and connect with your professors and classmates.

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University Requirements

UW-Stout prepares students to graduate with broad, important understandings of daily life in a global societyThus, there are three university requirements to be fulfilled prior to graduation:

  1. Racial and ethnic studies (RES)
  2. Global perspectives (GLP)
  3. General education (GE, divided into categories and areas)

Within the general education requirement, a single course cannot be used by students to fulfill multiple categories; however, a single course might be eligible for more than one category. For example, CHEM-110 is approved as both Natural Science and Cross-disciplinary Issues, but CHEM-110 will meet just one category in the student’s program.


University Requirements Course Descriptions

A list of University Requirements: General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies, and Global Perspective course descriptions can be view in the University Bulletin.


Note: Some courses fulfill requirements in all three areas. An example of a single course that fulfills GE, RES, and GLP requirements is ANTH-320. Students who select courses that count for more than one requirement (GE, RES and GLP) reduce the total number of courses they take to fulfill the above university requirements.