Sustainability Office

UW-Stout's Sustainability Office works to foster a culture of sustainability among the campus and in the community.
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UW-Stout’s Sustainability Office is the central resource for sustainability on campus. 

We coordinate and manage UW-Stout’s sustainability priorities and projects, from energy to waste to transportation and much more. We work to engage students and staff in our campus’ many sustainability initiatives, to build a culture of sustainability at UW-Stout.

Sarah Rykal

Sustainability Manager

Sarah manages the Sustainability Office where she oversees a multitude of sustainability projects in transportation, energy, food, waste, and more.
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Meta Adams

Transportation Manager/Sustainability Specialist

Meta works on improving and promoting UW-Stout’s transportation programs and other sustainability initiatives.
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Kelsea Goettl

Transportation Coordinator/Sustainability Specialist

Kelsea works as the Transportation Coordinator and Sustainability Specialist. Kelsea promotes environmentally-friendly ways to travel and live in Menomonie.
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Alyssa Weber

Manager, UW-Sprout Campus Garden

Alyssa works as the Manager of the UW-Sprout Campus Garden, where she enjoys growing sustainable food for the campus community and working in the outdoors.
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Nicolas Roberts

Assistant Manager, UW-Sprout Campus Garden

Nicolas works as the Assistant Manager of the UW-Sprout Campus Garden. He loves the warm weather and growing a variety of fruits and veggies.
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Alison Lavato

Assistant Manager, UW-Sprout Campus Garden

Alison is the Assistant Manager of the UW-Sprout Campus Garden. She enjoys working outdoors and finding new ways to incorporate sustainability into her life.
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