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Your place to find a community on campus.
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Your Place is Waiting for You...

At the center of campus lives the Memorial Student Center (MSC), a place that will help make Stout home. Whether you pay us a visit for your morning cup of coffee, get projects printed for a class, take a nap between classes, or attend a student org meeting, you’ll find it’s the heart of campus. But more than this, it’s a community - a community that allows you to find your place while at Stout

So come on in, stay for a while, and find your place in the MSC.

This building definitely feels like a second home to me and I'm so grateful for my MSC family.
Noelle Sopotnick MSC Student employee

Your Place to Connect

Students on campus

Everyone is looking for connection and the MSC is where it’s at. Try joining one of our 160+ student orgs to meet others with similar interests. Catch a concert each Thursday and discover an up and coming band. Have a study date by the fireplace with a classmate. Or, simply grab a late night snack with your roommate.

Lip Sync Battle

Meet new friends

Everyone wants to find "their people." Find yours by joining one of our 160+ student orgs to connect with.
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International Cultural Show

Discover campus events

Catch a concert each Thursday with an up and coming band. Or, attend an event sponsored by our student orgs.
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University Theatre's Little Shop of Horrors


Explore all the ways to get involved on campus while you’re here and PICK ONE to become actively engaged in.
Find your ONE

Your Place to Learn

Stout Game Expo

The MSC is more than a building. It's a place to learn new ideas and embrace diversity. Here, you can take what you're learning in the classroom and apply it to real experiences. Work as an MSC student employee, present research in the Great Hall, attend a conference related to your major or listen to one of many speakers throughout the year.

100+ speakers brought to campus in a year

2,500+ student org events and meetings in a year

80+ student employees working in the MSC

Your Place to Dine

Open morning, noon and night, the MSC is your place to enjoy nationally recognized dining options. Grab a coffee or tea as you pass through between classes. Cozy up with comfort food in the Terrace for lunch or dinner. Or fill up on delicious pizza fresh from our brick stone oven. We dare you to just have one slice.

Blue Devil Market

Blue Devil Market

Offering three food stations along with an assortment of grocery and grab and go options
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Brew Devils

Brew Devils

Proudly serving Starbucks brews for your daily coffee fix morning or night
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The Terrace

Fireside Cafe

Offering five food stations no matter what you're craving, even if that's breakfast at noon.
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Your Place to Restore

If we had a stat about the number of naps taken in the MSC on a daily basis, we bet it'd be up there! It's the perfect place to refuel, recharge and restore. Curl up in a cubby under the grand staircase. Charge your phone at one of the many charging stations. Or stay warm by the fireplace during cold winter days.  

10,000 square feet to find a napping spot

2 pool tables to enjoy with friends

88 grand piano keys for you to play anytime

Your Place for the Necessities

There's no doubt, life as a college student is busy. Aside from refueling with coffee and food, we've got some things to help get you through the day. Take out cash from our no-fee ATMDeposit funds into your baseline or flexline account. Purchase your Blue Devil needs at Stoutfitters. Or, print your resume at the Service Center. 



Browse the racks in Stoutfitters for all of your apparel, merchandise and class supplies to fit in as a Blue Devil.
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Service Center

Service Center

Serves as the information hub for campus and as a full-service printer with a wide range of printing and copy services.
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University Ticketing

University Ticketing

While most events are free for you as a student, a few of our really awesome special events will require tickets.
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