Derek Huber

Student Artist-in-Residence 2010-11
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Artist Statement

Evolved Archetype
                                          Evolved Archetype
                                   This art piece measures 5'x9'


Evolved Archetype illustrates my exploration in our contemporary methods of communication, and the transformation of language through the tools we use within that practice. More specifically, how new or advancing technologies such as social media, texting and online chatting has morphed the structure of talking and understanding each other. These technologies function allow us to be in constant contact with, and continually updated on whomever or whatever we choose. As convenience is of the utmost importance, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are often not as relevant as the message itself. There is an enforced creativity to communicating in the most efficient manner possible. Entering the message and ultimately staying in contact becomes all about speed. Language is broken-down to the most simple elements. My investigations focus on how phonetics and symbols play a fundamental role in the breakdown of this more obscured version of language. Through the speed of this communication we generate and collect mass amounts of information, creating a more homogenous stock of available information. This information is presented in a form in which traditional means of understanding are brought into question.