Bennett Pearson

Student Artist-in-Residence 2017-18
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Artist Statement


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In its simplest form, art is translation.  But past this, the interpretations are infinitely subjective.  With (CONTINUED), I have taken a scanned script to the movie Lost in Translation, a movie I have never seen, and used Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word to do a sort of digital translation of the script: from its digital form, to a printed script, and finally to a different digital format.  When doing this translation, which took a script of just under 200 pages and created an almost 600-page PDF, i found myself genuinely attracted to page-by-page compositions that were formed by the new script.

What I am presenting in (CONTINUED) is my own subjective interests in composition and form.  In this way, I am more of an archaeologist, or explorer, than the type of artist who will create content based on imagination.  The content that is displayed has become a sort of "found object", and it is only my willingness to show it that this would ever be seen by anyone aside from myself.  I'm hoping to find companionship in my exploration of these sparing and estranged compositions.  I don't want to create a specific narrative, and the content is meant to be purely visual, even in its economy.  It is what the viewer projects onto these works that makes them important, as with all things.  If I have a reason for doing something, that's great, but I still want to find wonder in the world.  And it's a wonder to me why I find these things beautiful.