Alison Hilmer

Student Artist-in-Residence 2004-05
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Artist Statement



There is a world beyond the things that we typically see and sense. All things are composed of matter, of particles of energy constantly in motion. The cells of living things such as plants are continuously regenerating, splitting and photosynthesizing. When looking through a microscope there is a sense of awe in rediscovering the things we encounter every day on a new level. Things take on new meanings under the lens. It becomes hard to visualize the connection of what we see through the aid of technology and what we physically encounter. When we enlarge those images and shapes, though, bringing them out of context into a new realm of media, their shapes become somewhat familiar and we can relate to them in a new light. Perhaps these shapes suggest a dream, a feeling, or a particular landscape unique to the viewer. I am engaged in this investigation and in the attempt to represent these concepts through my artwork.