Alexandra Schultz

Student Artist-in-Residence 2013-14
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Artist Statement


Robert Swanson
                                      Robert Swanson
                                     Digital Sculpture


My body of work is meant to illustrate the modern relationship between art and technology – specifically the use of computer software as a tool for artists. The primary purpose of the software I used is to create art, often in the form of entertainment. While a very advanced technological medium, Zbrush software is used and celebrated by professional artists and sculptors who are not even a part of the video game and animation industry this tool was originally developed for. Richly detailed, expressive, real works of art are created with these digital mediums.

The first piece is a digitally sculpted bust of the late Robert S. Swanson, who served as UW-Stout’s chancellor from 1972 to 1988. Swanson is well-known for his service during World War II, his remarkable memory, genuine amiability, and the many milestones he achieved to make UW-Stout what it is today. To sculpt the bust, I primarily used Zbrush, which is software for modeling highly detailed, clay-like, digital characters and objects. The intention of this piece is to be as classic and detailed as a typical bust, but viewed and created in the digital realm.

The second piece is a short animation and digital recreation of the Tea Room that was once located in Harvey Hall. With the current renovations that Harvey Hall is undergoing, it encourages us to remember the building’s importance and rich history. Delightful gems, such as this Tea Room, have been lost in time, but thanks to modern day research and technological capabilities, we are able to envision it once again. I used a variety of software, specifically Autodesk Maya, which is industry-standard for creating 3D digital environments, models, and animations.