Foundations of Reading Test

The Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT) measures a teaching candidate's reading instruction knowledge and skills.
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As of January 31, 2014, candidates in Wisconsin applying for an initial teaching license in grades kindergarten through 5 or special education, or for a license as a reading teacher or reading specialist, as listed below, will be required to take and pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT), a test of reading instruction knowledge and skills administered by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson.  This requirement does apply to all license requests regardless of a candidate's program completion date.

Who Needs to take the test?

Students wishing to gain licensure in the following areas are required to take this test: 

  • Early Childhood Education majors and add-on
  • Early Childhood Special Education concentration and add-on
  • Middle Childhood Education concentration and add-on
  • Special Education majors and add-on
  • Reading Teacher
  • Reading Specialist

Passing Score Information

  • Benchmark Passing Score: Applicants who apply for a Wisconsin Licensure on or after September 1, 2014 are required to earn a passing score of 240.

How much will it cost?

Test fee $125
Registration Fee $30
Total $155

Why will I be required to take another test?

According to the newly enacted Wisconsin State Statute ACT 166:

Section 21.118.19(14)(a) any person applying for a teacher license " teach in grades kindergarten to 5 or in special education, an initial license as a reading teacher, or an initial license as a reading specialist..." are required to take and pass a Foundations of Reading Test.


Will candidates who are adding on licenses need to take this test?

The Foundations of Reading test is a content test. Initial licensure, additional licensure, and out-of-state licensure candidates must post passing scores on all the content tests in effect and required for the Wisconsin license they are seeking. Candidates applying for Wisconsin licensure on or after January 31, 2014 in any of the licenses affected by this test will need to post passing scores on this test.

Will candidate seeking an additional licensure need to take the reading test if it was not initially required?

Candidates who are enrolled in an educator preparation program (EPP) to complete an additional licensure in one of the affected licensure areas must post passing scores on this new test, if they apply for a Wisconsin license on or after January 31, 2014.

Test Preparation Material

Wisconsin Foundation of Reading Test website: 

University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education Outreach and Partnerships office has developed web-based modules for the Foundations of Reading Test. These practice modules are free to everyone.


Free Flashcards

Resources, test preparation materials, and practice tests for the FORT; based on the MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensing), which is similar to the WI-FORT and both are created by Pearson.