Academic Minors at UW-Stout

Definition – academic minor at UW-StoutUndergraduate   |   Graduate

For some minors, students may enroll as either undergraduate [U] or graduate [G] level. Undergraduate students are ineligible for graduate-level [G] minors. Teaching minors, indicated below with an asterisk (*), are state-approved programs for teacher certification for teaching at the secondary and/or elementary level.

Applied Foreign Language [U]

Applied Peace Studies [U]

Art [renamed Studio Art]

Art History

Biology [U]

Biomedical Instrumentation [U]

Business Administration [U]

Chemistry [U]

Coaching [U]

Cognitive Neuroscience [U]

Communication Studies [U] ]

Computer Networking Systems and Design [U]

Computer Science [U]

Construction Safety/Risk Control [U]

Disability Services [U]

Economics [U]

Economics Teaching *  [U]

English Writing and Literature  [U]

Enterprise Technology [U]

Food Science and Technology [U]

Geographic Information Systems [U] 

Global Perspectives on Engineering [U]

Health and Wellness [U]

Health and Wellness Education *  [U]

History [U]

History Teaching *  [U]

Human Development and Family Studies [U]

Human Physiology  [U]

Human Resource Management [U]

Journalism [U]

Lodging Management [U]

Materials Science  [U]

Mathematics [U]

Mathematics Teaching *   [U]

Mechanical and Electrical Construction [U]

Military Leadership  [U]

Performing Arts [U]

Philosophy [U]

Photography and Video [U]

Physics [U]

Plant Science [U]

Project Management [U]

Property Management [U]

Psychology [U]

Quality Engineering  [U, G]

Quality Management [U, G]

Retailing [U] 

Science, Technology and Society [U]   [new]

Sociology [U, G]

Spanish [U]

Speech Communication [renamed Communication Studies]

Studio Art  [U]

Supply Chain Management [U]

Sustainability   [U]

Tourism  [U]

Web Technology [U]

Women and Gender Studies [U]

Workplace Diversity [U]

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, complete the "Applying for a Minor" survey online, and you will be given further instructions. Once this has been processed you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Advisement Center.

When choosing a minor:

It is redundant to declare a major and a minor or concentration in the same field, and therefore not permitted. Use the table below to verify whether a particular minor or concentration is not permitted with your major and/or concentration.