Architecture Minor

The Architecture minor provides students with the basic elements of architectural education, including theory, communication practices, and design.
Degree Type Minor
Delivery On Campus

Beginning in Fall 2023

The Architecture minor provides an opportunity for you to learn about architecture to help you in future careers in related fields. Overall, the demand for architecture-related skills is healthy and is projected to remain stable nationally. 

Minor Objectives

  1. Analyze architectural drawings and technical information in the drawing.
  2. Analyze the theory and design of architectural buildings.
  3. Apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) in architectural projects.
  4. Develop architectural drawings using computer-aided drafting technology.

Minor Requirements

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Course Offerings

  • AEC430 - Advanced BIM
  • AEC131 - Architectural Graphics
  • AEC171 - Light Construction Methods and Materials
  • AEC191 - The Built Environment
  • AEC237 - Architectural Technology
  • ART101 - Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
  • ARTH333 - History of Interiors and Furnishings
  • DES214 - Interior Design Practice, Materials and Finishes
  • DES314 - Interior Design Contracts and Codes
  • DES350 - 3D Game Art and Engines
  • DES372 - 3D Modeling and Animation I
  • ETECH201 - Communication of Engineering Design I
  • ETECH210 - Engineering Graphics Using Solid Modeling
  • ETECH256 - Engineering Graphics Fundamentals and Solid Modeling
  • ETECH303 - Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • GCOM141 - Graphic Communications
  • GCOM151 - Graphics Software Tools
  • INMGT200 - Production and Operations Management
  • PHYS190 - Statics and Sustainability for the Built Environment