Uncrewed Aerial Systems Minor

Gain hands-on experience preparing you to assemble and operate uncrewed aerial systems (UAS).
Degree Type Minor
Delivery On Campus

Elevate Your Future

The Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) minor at UW-Stout offers students a specialized program in an advancing field. This minor integrates technology with practical aerospace studies, providing a direct, hands-on learning experience that prepares you to assemble and operate uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). Our minor focuses on real-world applications such as, but not limited to, aerial mapping, remote sensing, environmental modeling, and search and rescue.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”



Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) Minor Highlights

Hands-On Learning.  Learn how to assemble, operate, and master UAS technology, preparing you for real-world applications in aerial mapping, remote sensing, environmental modeling, and even search and rescue operations.

Interdisciplinary Approach. The UAS minor is not just about flying drones; it's about integrating sensors, payloads, and harnessing data for diverse applications. Whether you're from Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Engineering Technology, this minor enriches your major with an aerial perspective.

FAA Certification Preparation. Stand out in the job market with the knowledge and skills to obtain the Remote Pilot Certificate under FAA's Small UAS Rule (Part 107). This certification is not just a badge of expertise; it's your license to innovate in the sky.

Real-World Applications. The UAS minor is crafted to align with the rapidly evolving needs of civilian, commercial, and military sectors. You'll learn to develop UAS-based solutions for real interdisciplinary problems, making you a valuable asset in various industries.

Collaborative Curriculum. Experience a curriculum that encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration. Work alongside peers from different backgrounds, fostering a learning environment that mirrors the interdisciplinary nature of the UAS field.