As a current student I am very pleased with the Management program and, more specifically, its delivery. This enables me to attend UW-Stout without having to travel to the Stout campus. I could have gone to any number of accelerated management programs, but I wanted my degree to have some "technical teeth" to it. Stout's ... program allows me to do that.

I have found, for the most part, that the instructors are very knowledgeable, as well as available to the student. This is particularly important to the distance-education student who does not have an opportunity for face-to-face meetings with the instructors that a traditional student has.

It is my opinion that the program schedule is laid out very well also. Classes are in an order that makes sense. The traditional semester, as opposed to accelerated programs, also helps to ease the workload.

Dennie R. Plomedahl
Marketing Specialist
Holmen, Wis.



ElzenThe University of Wisconsin-Stout's management program has allowed me to not only further my education, but to enhance my career and life as well. This program has given me the opportunity to accept a new employment position that will allow me to combine my previous associate's degree with my new bachelor's degree. I had the option to take classes online while continuing to work as a full time employee or to take classes on campus as a full time student. Also, the professor's at Stout along with my advisors within the management program made my experience there an enjoyable and educational one. Thanks to this program previous life's dreams have now become reality.

Jason Elzen
Commercial Appraiser
L.A. Duesterbeck & Associates, Inc.