B.S. Degree in Information and Communication Technologies

You know that a four-year degree can make the difference between “just a job,” and a rewarding career. Are you ready to take the next step? Whether starting or extending a two-year degree, the B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies can help.


The Program

The Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technologies (BSICT) program recognizes the need for life-long learning by providing a degree completion opportunity for technical college graduates. The curriculum provides you with a sequence of management, business, and technology courses with emphasis areas in networking, media, and technical communications allowing you the flexibility to choose the track that suits your personal and professional goals. The program is scheduled for working professionals like you, using online classes and the opportunity for you to build on previous technical education.

In the BSICT program, You’ll be able to:

  1. Apply your technical credits to a baccalaureate degree

  2. Prepare yourself for leadership in the Information and Communication Technologies field

  3. Increase your salary potential

  4. Network with other technical professionals

  5. Earn a UW-Stout bachelor’s degree


How a  BSICT Degree Can Help You

As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared for employment in markets seeking advanced users of information and communication technologies including manufacturers, banks and savings institutions, computer and data processing services, and credit and insurance agencies.

After graduating, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze and apply information and communication technologies appropriately in work settings

  2. Promote increased organizational performance

  3. Evaluate and implement a variety of components of information and communication technologies for educational, professional and personal growth



All applicants should have:  

Two year A.S. or A.A.S. degree in an information technology discipline


45 or more undergraduate credits with at least 15 credits in an information technology discipline


High school diploma
 and will attend as on-campus student


Transfer Credit

The B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies degree at UW-Stout is a degree completion program for people who possess associate degrees and professional work experience. Students who transfer from an accredited two or four year college can apply earned credits to the B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies program. University requirements dictate all students complete a minimum of 32 credits from UW-Stout.


Services and Cost

  • E-mail, library access, and other online services

  • Toll-free number (800-991-5291) to UW-Stout

  • Professional studies taught by UW-Stout faculty

  • Progress through the program with a cohort or individually

  • Financial assistance

  • Tuition is approximately $335 per credit (textbooks included)


Program Objectives

  • Understand Information and Communication Technology systems and their effect on society.

  • Evaluate and implement a variety of components of Information and Communication Technology for personal, educational and professional growth, as well as to promote increased organizational performance.

  • Analyze Information and Communication Technology for appropriate application in work settings.

  • Understand and use Information and Communication Technology to expand and expedite the services used in a global economy.

  • Integrate different Information and Communication Technology methods in a manner to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Develop personal and social responsibility in the digital world regarding privacy, protection of intellectual property concepts, social and economic value of information.


Graduation Requirements

Once enrolled in the B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies program, you will begin working with an adviser to plan your academic path. If you already hold an A.A.S. degree in IT, completing 15 credits per year could result in earning your B.S. degree in Information and Communication Technologies in about four years. 

Not a transfer student? No worries; we are excited to help you map your own four-year plan.

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