Photography and Video Minor

Department of Communication Technologies
Degree Type Minor
Careers and Salary Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus

The practice of still and moving image photography has converged, as evidenced in the capability of current generation DSLR cameras and nearly every cellphone to capture both still and video images. Regardless of the individual career path a student chooses, proficiency with the visual language of a full range of media is essential to succeed in an era of growing media options. UW-Stout's minor in Photography and Video emphasizes the digital aspect of photography and video to serve both on-campus students and the needs for continuing professional education.

With the addition of a minor in Photography and Video to your professional preparation, you will gain an important competitive edge you would expect from a UW-Stout degree.


  • Apply principles of cinematic, photographic and visual theory to still and moving images.
  • Pre-visualize the creation of still and moving images.
  • Demonstrate proper use digital of editing tools for still and moving image creation.
  • Evaluate still and moving images using aesthetic and technical criteria.
  • Evaluate the content of still and moving images for issues (ethical, social, political or personal) that are raised and/or purposes that are served or challenged by the image(s).
  • Demonstrate procedures for resource management, archiving and distributing still and moving images.  

Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either “studies in the discipline” or as “teaching.” 
Required Courses