Graduation Checklist

If you are an undergraduate in Psychology and are graduating this semester it is your responsibility to do the following:

  1. Meet with your adviser and discuss if you are ready for graduation.

    • If so, the adviser will go over your Program Plan sheet and if everything is all right, will sign and date it verifying that it is reasonable to assume that you will complete the program by the end of the semester.

  2. Complete the Application for Degree form online. You will be notified by Registration and Records through e-mail, when and how to do this.

  3. Make an appointment with the Program Director to do a graduation check out.

    • Bring your Program Plan Sheet signed by your adviser and your most current Program Evaluation and course history with you.
    • You must get your Program Plan sheet signed to receive your degree.

  4. Return your signed Program Plan sheet to the Registration and Records Office (Andrew Mercil, 107 Bowman Hall). This is your responsibility!

    • At this point your Program Plan sheet will be examined for any possible problems.
    • If no problem exists; you will be cleared to graduate. If a problem exists; you will be notified immediately as well as the Program Director and your adviser.
    • You will not receive your degree if the Registration and Records Office does not receive this form.

  5. Check out with your minor adviser.