Advisement FAQ

How do I find out who I have for a faculty advisor?

A faculty advisor is available to you and will assist you in finding the most appropriate answers for your personal education and career needs. Students are notified as to their assigned advisor by e-mail. If you don't know who your advisor is, call or visit the Psychology Department secretary (ext. 2478, room 311 McCalmont Hall) and ask for your faculty advisor's name and telephone number. Then follow up by setting and keeping an appointment with your advisor for purposes of getting acquainted and discussing your academic plans and career.

What is my role in the advisement process?

  1. Prepare adequately for any advising session (concerns and questions) and bring a copy of your current degree audit/program evaluation with you to the session.

  2. Clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals with your advisor.

  3. Contact and make an appointment with the advisor when required or when in need of assistance. If the student finds it impossible to keep the appointment, the student will notify the advisor.

  4. Be knowledgeable about institutional policies, procedures, and requirements.

  5. Follow through on actions identified during each advising session. Accept final responsibility for all decisions.

Where do I get more information?

The Undergraduate Bulletin contains information about: General Information, Glossary of Academic Terms, Degree Programs, Minors, Specializations, Professional Development Certificates, Course Descriptions.

The Student Handbook contains information about: Academic Procedures, Financial Information, Resources and Services, Resolving Complaints.


For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the Contact Information page.