B.S. Degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media

Communication is everywhere. Whether you’re reading a website, texting your friends, speaking with your boss, sending an e-mail or writing a paper, you are engaged in communication. It is one of the most important skills you can develop in the Information Age – and it can be a great career track. Do you want to be on the cutting edge?

The Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media prepares you to enter a dynamic and growing profession where your opportunities are endless. The program combines professional core courses with your choice of one of three concentrations:

Courses in the Professional Core include editing, writing for the Internet, critical writing and technical writing – all of which prepare you to write clearly for a specific audience. You’ll also gain a solid background in intercultural communication, international technical communication and foreign language courses.

The concentration in Technical Communication gives you hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies such as usability design, content management, multimedia production and project management. Applied Journalism prepares you for the new age in journalism by exploring multimedia, interactivity and content repurposing. The concentration in Digital Humanities gives you the skills you need to recognize trends in technology and understand how technology affects the way people communicate, interact and comprehend the world.

In each concentration, you’ll learn real-world skills and create a marketable portfolio that will impress any hiring manager or graduate school. Students graduating with the Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Communication and Emerging Media are valuable to a variety of employers, working as technical writers, editors, journalists, web content managers or in humanities computing.

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