Cory Cauwels Control Systems EngineerThe broad array of engineering disciplines covered within the Manufacturing Engineering program provides an excellent opportunity to be well prepared for the field of Manufacturing Engineering as well as it generates a good foundation for which to branch out to other engineering fields if that is so desired. With an excellent balance of theoretical groundwork and hands-on labs/project-oriented classes I've been able to enter the "real-world" with great confidence fed not only by the curriculum but also from the fact that many of the staff bring invaluable knowledge and experience from industry to this program.

Cory Cauwels
Control Systems Engineer
Austin, Texas 

Bjorn E. Helgeson, 2Lt, USAF Project Manager SDFI'm a project manager in charge of Civil Engineering projects. An interesting project I'm managing is the 10V Cryogenic Chamber. We're building a test facility to test satellites. We'll place satellites in this chamber, vacuum out all oxygen and run liquid nitrogen through the walls to simulate conditions in deep space.

The reason I'm writing is simple. I really enjoyed my time at Stout. The school has a lot going for itself. I enjoyed the classes; the hands on approach to engineering and most importantly, the student/faculty relationship. I liked the fact that professors knew my name and I was able to talk to them one on one.

Bjorn E. Helgeson, 2Lt, USAF
Project Manager SDF
Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee