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Are you interested in designing and writing computer programs? Did you know that Software Developer is consistently listed as one of the best technology jobs in the United States? 

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program provides you with the option to select a concentration that reflects your interests and career goals. The program provides you with strong analytical skills, technical abilities and hands-on experiences  creating user-friendly, graphically based software for a variety of industries and applications. You'll obtain industry experience applying your computing skills through a co-op or internship during the summer prior to your junior or senior year. This is in addition to hands-on capstone courses in which you work in a team to design, implement, test and deliver a fully-functional software application to a client. 


Program Highlights:

  • The program consists of a full computer science major and a mathematics minor, as well as a concentration area 
  • Emphasis on user-friendly, graphically-based software 
  • Co-op/internship industry experience 
  • Collaborative projects with teams of students and industry partners 
  • 100 percent employment; Average starting salary $55,000

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