Tips from UW-Stout's Career Services

Ensuring Your Student's Development & Success
November 26, 2019

Here at UW-Stout's Career Services, our mission is to educate, engage, and empower students and alumni in navigating career and professional development through employer and faculty/staff partnerships. 

At Career Services, we know helping your student make sense of the college experience and positioning them to be successful is a daunting challenge. Being Wisconsin’s Polytechnic, we want to give you some practical tips you can take to help make that happen. 

5 Simple Tips

Photo of student being interviewed at Spring Career Fair.
  1. Encourage your student to take advantage of employer meetings, networking events and professional opportunities. 

  2. Talk about their Co-op opportunities and career outcomes. We share this information on our Annual Employment Report and Coop Annual Report

  3. If your student is soon to be, or has, graduated, encourage them to share their outcome with us through our survey, or call us directly at 715-232-1601. 

  4. If your student is still searching for a Co-op or full-time position, encourage them to attend the Spring Career Conference, March 3-4, 2020. 

  5. We have helpful career guidance in our Employment GuideCareerLink and Stout Cloud sites. 

You can also be a resource for us. Ask your company or organization to share opportunities with us so we can promote Co-op or employment opportunities for other Stout students.   

Good luck, and if you need more information, visit our Parent & Families webpage