M.S. Training and Human Resource Development

Are you committed to maximizing human and organizational performance?
Degree Type Master of Science
Careers & Salaries Graduate Degree Outcomes
Delivery Online

    UW-Stout's polytechnic approach creates a unique combination of competencies in our graduates, including the ability to:

    • Lead the Learning Function: Serve as a strategic partner with senior leadership, develop and manage human capital, implement learning projects, and evaluate technology to enhance learning
    • Improve Human Performance in an Organizational Context: Draw on business acumen, analyze needs, propose solutions, design learning, deliver training, and measure or evaluate effectiveness
    • Facilitate Organizational Change: Facilitate strategic planning for change, build trust, influence stakeholders, leverage diversity, and help manage culture change
    • Manage Organizational Knowledge: Serve as a catalyst for knowledge sharing, understand business technology and how it enables and encourages organizational learning

    The demand for training and human development managers and specialists is growing nationwide and in Wisconsin. UW-Stout's Master of Science degree in Training and Human Development qualifies you for a great starting salary in a variety of positions, including:

    • Leadership Development Specialist
    • Learning and Development Manager
    • Organizational Change Manager
    • Talent Development Manager
    • Instructional Designer
    • Technical Trainer
    • Human Resource Development Coordinator
    • Training Supervisor or Manager
    • Internal/External Consultant

    Tuition & Fees

    Customized Instruction at UW Stout can be described as programs that are designed with the adult learner in mind. If you're comparing UW-Stout's customized instruction tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

    • $586 per graduate creditcustomized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
    • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
    • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless if Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

    Value for Your Money

    There’s more to value than just tuition. UW Stout also provides:

    • Program Director – faculty with discipline expertise.
    • Student Services adviser – one point of contact, providing support to students for each program.
    • Course sequences and matrices – know what courses are offered when so you can plan ahead.
    • Courses and programs may be stackable for use in another program.
    • Courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals.

    Other universities will present costs and value differently - make sure you're comparing apples to apples.


    UW-Stout is partnered with the Association for Talent Development.
    Admission Requirements

    General UW-Stout Graduate School Application

    All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program:

    Program-Specific Admission Requirements


    To be admitted with full status to the M.S. Training and Human Resource Development program, you must:

    • Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
    • Have earned an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Possess a background in training systems and organizational leadership.

    Program Application

    To successfully apply to the program please submit the following:

    • Current Resume
    • Professional statement that includes short and long term career goals
    • 2 signed letters of professional reference

    Submit all materials by email to the program director.


    "Engage – Influence – Transform! Completing the program has broadened my workforce development abilities. I’m engaging business leaders, partnering with individual contributors, and contributing positive leadership in organizational development programs. This program has sharpened my focus on the systems of learning and given me the skills needed today to add business value, deliver client satisfaction, and elevate learner achievement."

    David Draper
    Instructional Designer
    We Energies, Milwaukee, Wis.

    "As my career has progressed, I find that the competencies learned in the master’s program at UW-Stout have provided me with a foundation of expertise that is rarely matched in the Training and Human Resource Development field. These knowledge and skills are critical in order to design, develop and deliver learning and performance interventions that impact the business. I still find myself using references from the program that I discovered over 10 years ago."

    Don Stuckert, CPLP
    Manager, Manufacturing Learning and Performance
    Thomson Reuters
    MSTHRD Advisory Board

    2018 MSTHRD Advisory Board 

    Teresa  Biss Director of Training & Org. Dev. Bremer Bank
    Jeanette  Black Associate Professor Operations & Management; UW-Stout
    John  Dzissah Department Chair, Operations and Management UW-Stout
    Brenda Everson Director Global Talent Apple, Inc.
    Richard  Herling Program Director  
    Roxane Herricks VP of Human Resources Authenticom Inc.
    Shannen Jochim Program Support Specialist Stout Online; UW-Stout
    Daniel Menden Principal Mensch Learning Solutions
    Terry  Mundt Training & Education Manager Boston Scientific
    Gindy Neidermyer Associate Dean, CSTEMM UW-Stout
    Libby  Smith Program Director, M.S. Applied Psychology UW-Stout
    Don  Stuckert Manager, Manufacturing Learning Thomson Reuters
    Tracy Taylor-Bormann Director of HR  Cray Inc.
    Lisa  Weinberger Director of Training & Talent Development Prime Therapeutics
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