Jessica NicolWhat I enjoy most about the Science Education program is how well it is organized. I feel I know exactly what courses I need to complete and how many credits to have in order to graduate.


Jessica Nicol 


Brittany JohnsonI really like that the Science Education program has a lot to offer its students. On a weekly basis we receive e-mails about teaching or volunteering opportunities to help strengthen us for our benchmark interviews, along with giving us more knowledge in the teaching field.


Brittany Johnson


Jamie PetersThe program is well organized and the faculty are helpful. There are many opportunities to work in professional situations and there are lots of areas to excel in and add to your resume.


Jamie Peters


Some of the things I enjoyed about the Science Education program were the opportunities to work with schools and students in the area. Volunteering for things like Science Olympiad and after-school programs really got me interested in working with students.


Kristine Olson