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The school counseling profession is dedicated to leadership and advocacy for students in the areas of personal/social, academic, and career development. Professional school counselors deliver comprehensive counseling experiences for students from pre-schools to college campuses with data based methods that create the optimal achievement for all students.

The primary goal of the Master of Science degree in School Counseling at UW-Stout is to provide a solid core of skills and practical training to enable the future counselor to work with many diverse individuals and populations with respect to age, religion, abilities, sexuality, race and cultural heritage.  School counselors focus on improving academic achievement and removing barriers to success for students in a proactive manner.

UW-Stout M.S. in School Counseling

UW-Stout's Master of Science in School Counseling prepares you to play an active role with children, their families, teachers, psychologists and community agencies to improve academic achievement and remove students’ barriers to success. Our program includes:

  • National accreditation
  • Small classes, offered during the day, evening, summer and online
  • School-based practicum and community involvement
  • Experienced faculty
  • High job employment, support for job-seeking and career success

Alumnus, liaison with school counseling master’s program receive awards

An alumnus and a regional liaison with the school counseling master’s program at UW-Stout have received awards from a state education organization.
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School counselors can expect to work with children and their families, teachers, school psychologists, community agencies and other pupil service providers as a part of a supportive team. School counselors should possess strong communication skills, an ability to organize and multi-task, have engaging interpersonal skills and a desire to help youth.

The School Counseling program at UW-Stout offers a combination of daytime, evening, online and summer courses as a part of their degree program. We admit full-time and part-time students twice per year.

Admission Requirments

General UW-Stout Graduate School Application

All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program: 

Program-Specific Admission Requirements


To be admitted with full status to the M.S. in School Counseling program, you must:

  • Hold an appropriate bachelor's degree from an accredited university.
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Program Application

Application Review Process

A review of all applications will be conducted by the program director or a program admissions committee.

Applicants who are recommended by a faculty committee are invited to a personal interview. After the interview, you will be notified within one week about your acceptance or denial to the program.

Employment Opportunities

UW-Stout's School Counseling program has a strong state and national reputation. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook employment rates are high. Graduates' ability to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge to develop their own counseling style, have confidence in the use of counseling, assessing, evaluating, and consulting skills, and understand the ethical and professional responsibilities of being a counselor lead to successful job placement.

Geographical location of job openings will vary. Graduates of the School Counseling program work throughout the United States.

Examples of recent position announcements include:

  • School to Career Coordinator at an urban high school
  • Middle School Counselor at a suburban school
  • Counselor for career education and career counseling and crisis counseling
  • Elementary School Counselor in a rural school district
  • Career Counselor at a Technical College Career Development Center
Earn While You Learn

Graduate Assistantships

Gain valuable professional experience while enjoying paid employment as a graduate student at UW-Stout.

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