Brandon CrossAfter finishing my enlistment in the United States Air Force as a Network Administrator I wanted to take advantage of my education benefits and pursue a career in Network Engineering. After doing extensive research I discovered UW-Stout, which I found was one of the few universities in the nation, if not the only, to offer courses focused on CCNP certification exams, a highly respected IT certification. At my time at UW-Stout not only did I receive a B.S. in Information Technology Management with a minor in Computer Science and a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification I also managed to get a Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) certification, an elite IT certification with an average salary of $130,000. 

The UW-Stout ITM program has a lot to offer with courses in IP telephony, wireless communications, network design, and many other Cisco and Microsoft certification based classes. I highly suggest enrolling in the program and if you want to find an internship while in the program you will have no problem doing so. A well-paying job after graduation is almost a guarantee. Also, you may participate in student organizations such as AITP and likely be able to tell your parents that you beat up on schools like MIT, Purdue, and Texas A&M at annual NCC AITP competitions.

Brandon Cross
Associate Instructor, ITM program, UW-Stout

Adam KearnySince I was young, technology has always drawn me in, it’s what I always tended towards. After building my first computer in a summer science camp in high school, I knew I wanted to go to college and study something involving technology. While in high school, I took every computer application course that I could, took a networking fundamentals course at the local technical college, and worked for my School District’s Technology Coordinator. 

Since coming to UW-Stout, I have worked as Stout Media’s web designer, an Ask5000 campus support technician, an Information Security intern at Sentry Insurance, and an Engineering Associate at my co-op with Heartland Business Systems. During WinTerM my senior year, I received a LinkedIn message from a Google recruiter asking to setup a phone call to discuss an available position. That phone call led to a phone interview and that led to them flying me to Mountain View, California for an all-day interview. A few weeks later they offered me a job at their headquarters in Silicon Valley. I was able to graduate in four years, acquire dual minors in Computer Science and Business Administration, and land a job before graduation.

Adam Kearney

Cody LewandowskiChoosing UW-Stout and the Information Technology Management program has been one of the best decisions I have made. Throughout the four years that I have been at Stout, I have been amazed by the opportunities I have had both on and off campus. The hands on experience that Stout provides has be essential to my learning and success. The ITM program fully utilizes this hands-on approach and provides a great blend of technical and professional skills. This means that as a student, you gain the technical skills to build networks, deploy servers, setup phone systems and more, while gaining leadership, management and communication skills that are essential in a professional environment.  To me, this blend is what makes the ITM program at Stout so unique and valuable.

Because of these experiences, I have been able to work in two different internships, gain industry certifications, compete and succeed at national competitions, and ultimately receive a great job offer nine months prior to graduation. The faculty, administrators, and staff all want to see students to succeed and take every chance they can to support students. While I certainly enjoyed my education at Stout, I know that my experience is not unique.  If you have an interest in technology, UW-Stout's ITM program is definitely the way to go.

Cody Lewandowski

Alysse NockelsUW-Stout provided me with the fundamental knowledge required to succeed in my industry. The certifications, hands-on experience and knowledgeable faculty contributed significantly to my post-graduation success.

The ability to approach potential employers with a technical degree from a recognized institution and industry certifications proves most powerful during the job search.

In addition, real hands-on experience, supplied by the telecommunications lab, provided me the confidence and expertise to apply to my everyday job.

Alysse Nockels, '01
Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin