B.S. Biology

Prepare for your biology career with this customizable, hands-on program.
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
CAREERS & SALARIES Career Outcomes
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Research & Real-World Learning

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Biology merges theoretical foundations with hands-on scientific inquiry. Students in the program engage in an array of laboratory and fieldwork experiences, ensuring practical application complements academic exploration. The curriculum confronts societal issues with tangible solutions, preparing you to make significant contributions in various sectors of biology. Moreover, the program provides opportunities to collaborate on research initiatives with faculty, further enhancing your experiential learning.

Student looks intro microscope in lab setting.

Career-Focused Curriculum

Our curriculum bridges traditional biology education with modern, career-focused tracks. Our coursework, coupled with hands-on research, lays a strong foundation for immediate entry into the workforce or further academic pursuits.


Program Overview

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Program Highlights

Applied Learning on Day One. Our program engages students with hands-on laboratory work and field studies right from the start. You’ll encounter real-world challenges, ensuring a seamless blend of knowledge and action.

Curriculum for Career Success. The Biology program's core courses cover essential areas, including Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology, Ecology, Biostatistical Analysis, and Scientific Communications, equipping students with foundational knowledge and skills for the field.

Real-World Impact & Research. Engage in original research that addresses pressing issues in immunology, genetics, bioengineering, and ecosystem dynamics. Our program fosters a problem-solving mindset, encouraging you to push the boundaries of innovation in biology.

Pre-Health Sciences Pathways

Our pre-health sciences professional pathways prepare you for a professional degree after you finish your bachelor’s degree.
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Current Research Topics

  • Immunology, multiple sclerosis, and zebrafish models of human disease
  • Population modeling and genetics
  • Fermentation, bioengineering, and synthetic biology
  • Restoration and habitat management
  • Wetland, forest, aquatic, and agricultural systems dynamics

Instrumentation & Facilities

Within our labs and facilities, you'll have the opportunity to engage with high-tech equipment.

  • Rajiv & Swati Lall Microbiology/Biochemistry Lab
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Labs
  • Histology Lab
  • Cadaver Lab
  • Zebrafish Genetics Facility
  • Natural History Collections
  • Jarvis Hall Greenhouse

STEM OPT Extension Advantage for International Students

International students STEM Opt Qualifying program.

Objectives & Outcomes

Our curriculum provides the foundation for entering the workforce and pursuing further training opportunities. Infused throughout the curriculum are opportunities to pursue original discovery using the scientific method. Our students are trained to communicate effectively and apply fact-based decision-making to areas of public policy and societal need. Our classrooms involve hands-on opportunities to develop skills in original research in small group settings. Become an innovator while changing lives. Earn a Biology degree at UW-Stout!

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply biological concepts to address real-world problems. 
  2. Design, conduct, analyze, and interpret scientific studies.  
  3. Employ quantitative approaches to make evidence-based decisions. 
  4. Communicate biological concepts effectively. 
  5. Demonstrate professionalism and career-readiness. 
Career Opportunities

The program's coursework, lab work, instrument training, and research will prepare you to enter the workforce or pursue further education in a variety of fields.

  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Occupational/Physical Therapy, or Veterinary Medicine
  • Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, Physiology, Microbiology, or Immunology
  • Conservation Biology, Organismal Biology, Ecology, or Evolution


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