New software gives students latest color management technologies

CHROMiX donates two licenses of Curve4 software
Students cut paper in a graphic communications lab at UW-Stout. A gift in kind to the department will allow students to work with the latest technologies for color management.
Pam Powers | July 25, 2019

A gift in kind to the University of Wisconsin-Stout graphic communications department will allow students to work with the latest technologies for color management.

CHROMiX Inc. of Seattle has donated two licenses of Curve4 software to help calibrate printing systems, with a value of nearly $4,000.

CHROMiX was founded in 1998 to provide technical service and products to businesses in content-production industries. Soon after, the company dedicated its efforts to color management and image fidelity. Much of the company’s business takes place in the U.S., but products and services are regularly provided to customers, dealers and partners in more than 90 countries.

Shaun Dudek

“The latest software upgrade of Curve4 will allow our students to test, verify and manage print systems to achieve the best color possible on equipment, which is an important factor of managing color for printing,” said Shaun Dudek, UW-Stout’s graphic communications program director.

“Color management plays an important role in a company’s brand identity, and the color should look the same no matter what print process is used. Our students will measure if colors are compliant within the ISO standards and shall gain the knowledge to become color production experts,” Dudek said.

Students inspecting press sheets in lab.

Graphic communications is used to communicate ideas, concepts, messages and instruction.

The program, with a 99 percent employment rate for recent graduates, is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, an independent body of industry and education professionals devoted to promoting excellence in graphic communications.

UW-Stout is the only such accredited program in Wisconsin, and there are only 12 in the U.S.



Shaun Dudek, graphic communications program director, talks with some children at a past event at UW-Stout.

Students inspect a press sheet at a graphic communications lab

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