Cora Martell

Cora is a junior studying engineering technology with a concentration in production operations and a minor in business.
March 22, 2018

Cora Martell can build a mini cannon. She can also design a birdhouse, work with injection molding and polymers. She has traveled to Argentina, advises freshman as a resident advisor and works frequently with Habitat for Humanity. This junior studying engineering technology with a concentration in production operations and a minor in business, is a student of many talents and interests.

“I chose Stout because I really liked the hands-on approach that I was told they take with all their labs,” said Martell. “I knew I wanted to do engineering because I really liked math, and I was told that mechanical and manufacturing would be a little bit more theoretical.”

Martell is one of few female students in her male-dominated program.

“I don’t really notice it,” said Martell. “I noticed it my freshman year, but all the guys are really inclusive. So, I never feel like my gender is something that holds me back. We are able to do everything that the guys can do.”

Martell’s professors in her program agreed that her work has been nothing short of outstanding.

“Cora attended one of my classes and it was delightful working with her,” said Monika Herrmann, assistant professor. “She has a wonderfully engaged and critical mind - a true resource and supporter of her peers.”

“I’ve been Cora Martell’s advisor since she was a freshman at UW-Stout,” said John R. Schultz, assistant professor. “Cora has been a joy to know and work with. She’s humble, prepared for classes and meetings, and has a strong desire to learn." 

Martell is looking forward to an internship as a process engineer this summer with Loparex, a company that makes plastic res and release liners. After graduation in December 2018, Martell hopes to either continue work with Loparex, or another company offering process engineering positions.

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