5 Tips to Navigate University Dining

Nutritious eating on campus with safety in mind
October 30, 2020

University Dining understands that food and nutrition is an important aspect of completing an education. We also understand this year has been stressful and full of unknowns. It has been a year unlike we’ve had before.

We want to assure you that we’re working hard to keep our operations open and safe for all of our students, staff and the Stout community. 

As the semester has progressed, we have learned and grown a lot. We’re happy to report that we’ve continued to expand our offerings, reduced time spent in queuing lines and in dining locations, and increased flexibility for students by adding more locations for our Baseline Plan diners to find a meal that meets their needs.

Here are 5 tips to help your student navigate University Dining:

  1. Make a plan: While we understand each student’s schedule is different, we encourage students to make a plan for eating regularly scheduled meals and snacks throughout the day to stay focused, strong and energized while attending class or on the go.
  2. Find a balance: There is room for both nutrient-dense foods and fun foods in students’ eating plans. We encourage students to find nourishing foods and foods they enjoy. We also encourage students to try new dishes, new flavors and new cultural cuisines.
  3. Focus on food groups: Students should make sure to include a serving of fruit and/or veggies in each meal. It doesn’t matter if they’re fresh, canned, frozen or dried. All forms of fruits and vegetables can provide the nutrients we need each day.
  4. Dining resources: Did you know that University Dining provides online menus for students to review? Dining is now offering baseline options in our retail operations, and we have a brand-new mobile ordering app, so students can grab meals to go! Offerings have increased since the start of the semester. Students can check out the menus often to see what’s changed. We welcome questions, suggestions and recipe ideas as well.
  5. Focus on health: Dining encourages students to nourish their minds and bodies with a variety of foods, get enough sleep, remain active, and seek out the resources on campus that can aid in keeping them healthy, like Student Health Services and the Counseling Center.