Online Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration

Semester Course Code Course Name Credits
Year 1
Fall REHAB 717-XXX Occupational Analysis
and Job Placement
  REHAB-701-XXX Foundations of Rehabilitation 3
Spring REHAB-620-XXX Psychological Testing of Individuals With Disabilities 3
  COUN-750-XXX Counseling Theory 3
Summer REHAB 704-XXX Pre-Practicum in Rehabilitation 3
Year 2
Fall REHAB-713-XXX Aspects of Disability: Physical Disabilities 3
  REHAB-715-XXX Research in Rehabilitation and Counseling 3
Spring REHAB-714-XXX Aspects of Disabilities: Cognitive Disabilities 3
  REHAB-723-XXX Procedures of Vocational Evaluation 3
Summer REHAB 708-XXX Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling 5
Year 3
Fall REHAB-764-XXX Case Coordination 3
  REHAB 752-XXX Group Work in Rehabilitation 3
Spring  REHAB 787-XXX Internship in Rehabilitation Counseling * 10
  N/A Comprehensive Exam --
Total: 48

* Internship may be done in two semesters at 5 credits each.

Course descriptions are available at the Graduate Bulletin Online.