1. Survey and synthesize theoretical concepts and principles about major issues in technical and professional communication.

  2. Select and apply theoretical concepts and principles to the interpretation of technical and professional communication phenomenon.

  3. Evaluate relevant scholarship as a means of informing inquiry in technical and professional communication.

  4. Select, design and conduct research, using proper methods and methodology, making sound recommendations and drawing logical conclusions.

  5. Compose texts, designs and other deliverables, demonstrating ethical, rhetorical, and user-centered strategies.

  6. Assess documentation for accuracy, adequacy, correctness, accessibility and usability.

  7. Appraise international and intercultural issues in technical and professional communication, recommending strategies for addressing these issues.

  8. Evaluate the ways emerging media and digital technologies impact technical and professional communication.

  9. Plan a documentation schedule and monitor project progress against that schedule.

  10. Evaluate and execute team-building and interpersonal communication strategies.