Julie Watts, Ph.D.
Program Director
English and Philosophy Department;

Office: 340K Harvey Hall
Phone: 715-232-5375
E-mail: wattsj@uwstout.edu



Genesea Carter, Ph.D. Rhetoric and Writing, University of New Mexico

Andrea Deacon, Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Composition), UW-Milwaukee, Co-director of UW-Stout Writing Center, Director of First-Year Composition

Kate Edenborg, Ph.D. in Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

Joleen Hanson, Ph.D. in Composition Studies, University of New Hampshire

Glenda Jones, Ph.D. in English, University of Illinois-Chicago, Director of Women and Gender Studies

Mitch Ogden, Ph.D. in English, University of Minnesota

Daisy Pignetti, Ph.D. in English/Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Florida, Director of B.S. Professional Communication and Emerging Media

Daniel Ruefman, Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Greg Schneider-Bateman, Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication, University of Minnesota

John Spartz, Ph.D. in English (Language and Linguistics, Professional/Technical Communication, ESL), Purdue University, Director of the User Experience Center