Program Curriculum

The curriculum is 30 credits total including 12 credits of required core courses and 15 credits of self-selected study. The remaining credits, the research component required by the Graduate School, will be satisfied through either ENGL-770 (6 credits) or ENGL-735 (3 credits). Per UW-Stout’s Graduate School policy, students are required to take 15 credits of 700-level coursework. 

Students should use the following documents to help them plan their coursework. 

Students who were admitted into the MSTPC for Summer or Fall 2012 or later should use the 2012 Program Plan. All other students should use the 2010 Program Plan.

Click for brief descriptions of ENGL, INMGT, and SPCOM courses.  Graduate courses are those numbered from 500 through 899.

Sample syllabi. To get an idea of the types of assignments and readings you'll complete in MSTPC courses, here is a sample syllabus from ENGL-700 Theory and Research in TPC and a sample syllabus from ENGL-720 Rhetorical Theory.

The MSTPC program has its own Library Web Guide, available here. Ann Vogl is our MSTPC program librarian.