Frequently Asked Questions

What is the M.S. degree in School Counseling admission process and criteria?

The prospective candidate applies to the Graduate School for admission into a graduate degree program by completing the Application for Admission/Enrollment form available from the Graduate School. Criteria for admission to the Graduate School are specified in the Graduate Bulletin. In addition, they complete the MSSC program application.

Subsequent to admission deadlines a minimum of two faculty evaluate each candidate's admissions portfolio. The candidates are all rated by each reviewer. The faculty rate the applicants in the following areas: ability to do graduate work; quality of undergraduate and graduate academic preparation relating to the helping professions; quality and range of work/volunteer experiences; quality of writing and communications skills; clarity of purpose; and quality of references.

Upon recommendation of the faculty and as a condition for consideration, the candidate is also required to interview with a minimum of two faculty in order to further determine the candidate's qualifications for admission to the School Counseling program. Interview dates are offered in the month following the application deadlines.

The faculty review and interview team generates a priority selection list based on faculty determination of each candidate's ability to meet the rigors of the program as well as their ability to meet the professional standards and licensure requirements for professional practice and in keeping with enrollment management.

The program director forwards candidate recommendations to the Graduate School for admission notification. The entire admission review process is generally completed within two months after the admission deadline.

No person may apply to the same program more than three times without special review and permission by and from a committee of the faculty convened for review of admissions exceptions.

Is admission to the School Counseling program competitive?

Approximately twice as many people apply to the School Counseling program as are admitted each application period.

Can individuals who already hold a master's degree apply for Certification-Only?

Individuals who hold a master's degree from an accredited college in a counseling field can apply for Certification-Only status. The same admission procedure and time frame applies. An individual plan is developed for admitted Certification-Only students.

Can an individual begin taking courses before being admitted to the School Counseling program? Is this advantageous?

Students may request permission to enroll in graduate courses as a non-degree seeking student by completing the front page of the Application for Admission/Enrollment. Special students are advised by the Director, Office of Graduate Studies. Admitted special students may enroll in selected foundation counseling courses and minimum competency courses required for certification. Non-program student status is not taken into consideration when students apply to the School Counseling program.

How many credits are required for the M.S. in School Counseling?

The M.S. in School Counseling program requires 52 credits. In some cases a course may be transferred in upon submission of a course syllabus from an equivalent graduate level course and approval by the program director. Minimum competency coursework is required for students who have not met these educator certification requirements within their undergraduate or other graduate coursework.

Completion of the School Counseling program generally requires the equivalent of two years full-time enrollment.

Can students attend part-time?

A substantial portion of coursework may be completed part-time by attending summer sessions, weekend classes, and late afternoon or evening classes. However, a commitment for at least one semester full-time, or two semesters half-time, is required at the point where the student is ready for internship.