The program requires 30 hours of graduate credit, 15 of which must be graduate-only (700 level), with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better. Fifteen credits are included in the core curriculum, three credits are allocated to a selective course, and twelve credits are to be taken from one of four of the following elective depth areas:

  • Manufacturing Competitiveness
  • Engineering Materials and Processes
  • Mechanical Design

Program Plan


  1. Students that want to review statistics as self study may consider STAT-520 Statistical Methods.

  2. Students admitted during Summer 2010 follow the 2010 plan, prior students follow the 2008 plan with the option to upgrade to the 2010 if so desired. MFGE-707 is optional in the 2008 Program and all students are encouraged to take this course to better prepare for the field project.

  3. UW-Stout has an excellent writing center to assist students. Additionally, ENGL-615 is an online course in technical writing for students who want to strengthen their writing skills. These resources are not used as credits toward this degree.


Course Descriptions:

The Course Description Listing has descriptions of Business Accounting, Engineering Mechanics, Manufacturing Engineering, Risk Control and Sustainability courses.

Course Objectives: 

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Graduate Bulletin

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