Information for International Students


The Food and Nutritional Sciences program welcomes international students and at any one time includes students from six or more countries. For complete information on services for international students, visit the International Student Services website.

International students feel comfortable in the close network of classmates which allows students to quickly make friends and form a home away from home.

Financial Assistance

International Student Tuition Reductions are available to qualified international students based on academic achievement, community service and availability of funding. Receiving a scholarship reduces the amount of nonresident tuition owed to the university per semester. To receive these international student tuition reductions [PDF], students must apply and meet a variety of criteria to be eligible. 

International students may also apply for Stout Foundation scholarships ranging in amounts of $500 to $2000 in January of their first year; these scholarships are awarded each spring for the following academic year. US immigration laws restrict employment for international students to work on campus. Off-campus employment is not allowed for first year students but may be possible during subsequent years through a co-op work experience. In addition, international students may work in the department as graduate assistants. Awards for the student's research project will be up to $500 (between 16 and 25 proposals funded per year). These are intended to fund smaller scale projects or dissemination of research findings. Larger Research projects may be funded up to $2,000 (up to five funded per year).