Woman testing in the labs

Laboratories and equipment are key to the knowledge and experience you gain from the program. UW-Stout offers current, state-of-the-art laboratories such as:

  • A pilot scale food processing facility which houses; blast freezing, freeze drying, extrusion (single screw extruder), canning and sous vide equipment.
  • A Varian Saturn 2100T GCMS (gas chromatograph/mass spec) and ASE 200 accelerated solvent extractor.
  • A walk-in environmental chamber for temperature and humidity control
  • A rare cook-chill system
  • Computerized sensory evaluation laboratory
  • Two quantity food production laboratories and five basic food preparation laboratories
  • Center for Nutrition Education

People with various heights and disabilities will find the adjustable height work surface accommodating.

The Nutritional Assessment Laboratory includes:

  • Sahara clinical bone sonomoter
  • Tanita Body composition analyzer
  • Hemocue for hemoglobin determination and cholestech LDX

Human Performance Laboratory designed for exercise physiology teaching and research:

  • Treadmill
  • Exercise cycle
  • Sensor Medics Vmaz Encore 29