Is this the appropriate degree program for me?

This program is for:

  • Previously or currently licensed teachers seeking professional development in an accredited Master’s program.
  • Instructors at post-secondary institutions seeking a master’s degree in professional development who do not require K-12 certification.
  • Instructors in business and industry or other community-based settings.

Please note, the online program does not have a certification concentration; if you seek initial teacher certification, only the on-campus bachelor's level programs provides initial teacher certification. For more information visit UW-Stout's School of Education website.

What are the objectives of the online master’s program?

Core Objectives:

  1. Explore the personal, historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences on educational practice from an organizational and personal perspective.
  2. Analyze current issues and trends in education in the context of educational research and historical foundations of education.
  3. Examine personal practice to reflectively develop a personal philosophy and practice of education in one or more areas of educational specialization.
  4. Examine how various orientations to curriculum integrate the theoretical, instructional, and educational modes of discourse.
  5. Plan, evaluate, and revise curriculum used in one's own practice.
  6. Analyze, evaluate, and revise one's own teaching and make judgments about the appropriateness of various teaching methods in various contexts.
  7. Use and evaluate educational technologies appropriate to ones own practice.
  8. Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying organization and operation of schools.
  9. Interpret educational research and conduct applied research to improve teaching and learning.

Professional Development Concentration Objectives:

  1. Reflect on one's own practice to select goals and formulate a professional development plan or license renewal plan aligned with the Wisconsin Standards.
  2. In collaboration with peers and the professional development team engage in continuous and annual review of the professional development or license renewal plan.
  3. Provide standards-based portfolio evidence of professional development aligned with the accepted teaching standards.

Is UW-Stout accredited?

University of Wisconsin-Stout is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

When can I begin the program? How long does it take?

Cohorts start in the Fall and Spring.

Students enrolling in the online master’s program must commit to joining cohort group (of up to 25 students) and progress through program in the sequence and time established. Students will complete two courses per term (Fall, Spring, Summer) and complete the program in two years.

Is this degree program available to international educators as well as teachers living in the United States?

Yes! There are currently students enrolled in the Master of Science in Education program who are located all over the globe.



What is the required course sequence?

All courses will be taken online and should be completed by end of each semester.

Students enrolled in the online Master’s program will reflectively develop their professional competencies and teaching styles.

What core courses are required?

Students admitted to the master’s program must take these courses in the professional core.

  • EDUC-729 Introduction to Research
  • EDUC-745 Assessment for Learning
  • EDUC-750 Curriculum Theory and Practice
  • EDUC-780 Action Research
  • EDUC-782 Instructional Analysis
  • EDUC-790 Professional Portfolio Development
  • PSYC-730 Advanced Psychology of Learning

Students must complete selectives totaling from 11 credits or more. There are more than 25 online selective courses approved as professional development degree options.

What type of research do I have to do?

All students are required to take a core of classes that explore issues in teaching and learning. These three courses are:

  • EDUC-729 Introduction to Research
  • EDUC-745 Assessment for Learning
  • EDUC-780 Action Research

With the Action Research course, you will also be required to complete a research project (i.e., a research paper/thesis) that is consistent with what you developed in Assessment for Learning.

Many students approach that project with some anxiety, but most find the research, compilation and writing to be rewarding and useful to their teaching. The University Library has excellent tools and people to help with the background research.

May I transfer credits into the program from a different university or previous program?

Up to six credits may be considered for transfer credits as MSE electives. The transfer courses need to have been completed at an accredited university/college and within the last seven years. Please send course syllabus/syllabi to the MSE Program Director, Emily Hines (, for consideration and review.

Selectives are limited to UW-Stout online courses numbered 500 and above and approved for use in the MSE graduate degree program.


Financial Aid

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid in the form of loans, scholarships and grants is available for degree-seeking students. You can apply online at, or to speak with a financial aid advisor, call UW-Stout’s Financial Aid Office at 715/232-1363 or email

How many credits do I need to qualify for financial aid?

Degree students in the program are required to take a minimum of five (5) credits each semester for financial aid.


Online Learning

How are online classes conducted?

Online learning enables interested students to enroll in university courses without the necessity of traveling to the university campus at set times. Online learning involves connecting to the internet to obtain content material, retrieve and submit assignments and participate in discussions with classmates and teachers.

You will set your own hours and determine when you participate in the class discussion and when you work on assignments. The class environment is available and active seven days a week, 24 hours a day. No matter where you are, you can participate at a time that is convenient for you. Your instructor will be online several times a day. As a general rule, you should check your e-mail and the course discussion board 3-5 days each week in order to keep up with discussions, questions, and assignments.

How does an online course differ from an on-campus course?

The difference between an online course and an on-campus course is in the method of accessing and engaging with the content materials. Course objectives and expectations are the same in an online course as an on-campus course, though the methods of delivery may differ significantly. In-class lectures are replaced by various online multimedia presentations, and students are expected to participate frequently in online discussion groups. Assignments are accessed and submitted electronically. Resource materials are provided online (electronically) or may be purchased through online sources.

Do I have to be an experienced Internet/computer user to take an online course?

In order to take an online course, you should be familiar with how to navigate the Internet, use email, and be able to use word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word). UW-Stout employs Microsoft Products and access to this software is required. Access to Microsoft Word is required to prepare documents during the course. Microsoft Office is available to UW-Stout students at a university student discount of $30.00. The software may be purchased online at WISC: the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog.

Since everyone has different computer experiences, we recommend a couple of orientation activities.

What computer system resources do I need to take an online course at UW-Stout?

Some courses may include recorded audio and video components, and you will need internet "plug-ins" such as RealPlayer or QuickTime to view these components. You may check with the course instructor before the class begins to find out what additional components will be necessary. Many of these "plug-ins" are available to download free off of the internet. A listing of sites that offer commonly needed and downloadable plug-ins are provided for you on the Free Downloadable Plug-ins page found under Technical Support in the Learner Center.

Will I have access to the Stout Library?

Students enrolled in the online Master of Science in Education program will have full access to UW-Stout library databases, online articles from professional journals, and other resources available through the library’s distance learning electronic services.



How do I apply for admission to the graduate program?

To apply for the Master of Science in Education program, you will need to complete an application to the UW-Stout Graduate School, as well as apply to the online M.S. in Education program. For complete application information, review How to Apply.

Applicants do not need to take the GRE.


Teacher Certification

How can I obtain teacher certification?

There are several certification options available through on-campus courses and programs. However, the online program does not provide any initial teacher certification.

More Information

For specific questions, to be added to our email mailing list, or for more information about the program, please contact:

Amy GullixsonAmy Gullixon
School of Education
Student Services Specialist

Phone: 715/232-2253