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Are you interested in bringing creative design visions to life in tomorrow's fashions?
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Shoes, clothing, bags, bedding, scarves….what clothing, accessories, soft goods do you dream of making?  

UW-Stout’s Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Development will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring clothing and accessories to life in the global apparel industry. Whether you want to work with garments in your local community or produce on an international scale, we will provide you with lifelong skills to adapt to the ever-changing apparel industry. Our faculty, some of the nation’s best apparel professionals, will help you define your individual career path. You will choose a minor to customize an educational plan that is appropriate for your personal goals. 


100% of Apparel Design Graduates are Employed or Continuing their Education

Hands-on, critical thinking experiences centered around current and future apparel and societal issues round out your education in our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Come build your dreams in our garment innovation center, garment and fabric quality and testing lab, and computer-aided design and manufacturing lab, and knitting and production laboratories. 

As a graduate of the Apparel Design and Development program you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills of technical design to the product development process according to market demands and industry standards.
  • Implement the apparel design and development process, from initial concept and prototyping, through completion of costing, sourcing and production.
  • Perform research and market analysis to innovate apparel products to increase profits and improve efficiencies in a changing global society.
  • Utilize current and future apparel industry technologies to enhance the global soft good engineering and manufacturing pipeline. 
  • Engage in diverse team environments with professionalism, ethics, and global awareness.
  • Provide leadership in garment development teams with effective communication and problem-solving skills. 

Student research finds hemp fabric has sustainable qualities

Research by a UW-Stout student indicates that hemp may be the sustainable fabric of our lives.
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WEAR Fashion Association is the student professional club that hosts UW-Stout’s annual fashion show and provides you with exclusive exposure to Apparel Design and Development Alumni and industry professionals from the world’s top apparel companies. 

Our program prepares you for internships, graduate school, and your career in the exciting, fast-paced apparel industry! You choose your path, we will help you get there. 

Employment opportunities for Apparel Design and Development graduates are available in every sector of the apparel industry. While the Midwest is home to a number of companies that employ our graduates, there is an increasing need for people with apparel knowledge at the international level.

Career Opportunities

Within the apparel design and development program, students must complete two internships. Some of the companies where students have worked are: 

  • Adidas
  • Alice & Olivia
  • Eloquii
  • Express
  • Garnett Hill
  • Lands’ End 
  • Kohl’s
  • Maiyet
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Michael Kors
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Rag & Bone
  • Target
  • Vans

Some of the jobs in the apparel industry include:

Technical Designer: the engineer of clothing! The technical designer oversees the making of the garment and communicates via technical sketches and specification packages with patternmakers and manufacturers to develop prototypes and initial fit garments. Then works with fit models and makes fit corrections before approving final production runs for shipments to salesfloors or online vendors.   

Technical Design Assistant: assists the technical designer in all aspects of the position.

Product Development Manager: oversees product development departments within organizations, typically this department is made up of technical designers. 

Product Manager: oversees product categories for time and delivery.

Designer: designs clothing according to market demands with an understanding of fabrics, garment construction, sizing specifications, grading standards, and manufacturing limitations. 

Assistant: assists designer with all aspects of the position.

CAD/Textile Designer: (Computer Aided Design) creates original textile prints according to market, manufacturing, and cost structures. 

CAD/CAM Specialist: (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) 

Pattern maker: Build patterns from specifications utilizing computer software in 2 and 3D forms. Size grading and production planning can also fall under a pattern maker’s responsibilities. 

Quality Auditor/Manager: utilizing product specifications, analyze products to ensure standards are met via audits and testing. 

Sourcing and Production: work with vendors to secure trims, fabrics, and product components. Build, manage, and negotiate the product development timeline.

What are some of the companies that graduates work at? 

  • American Eagle
  • Adidas
  • Columbia
  • Duluth Trading Company
  • Express
  • Garnett Hill
  • Lands’ End 
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Kohl’s
  • Nike
  • Nordstrom
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Target
ADD Advisory Board

2018 ADD Advisory Board

  • Sherri Marnell, Program Director
  • Pam Anhalt, Technical Designer, Duluth Trading Co.
  • Paula Archbold, Lecturer, UW-Stout, CSTEMM, Apparel Design and Development
  • Dennis Baacke, President, Spirit River Trading Company
  • Tim Benjamin, Sales/Marketing Coordinator, Heubsch Services
  • Kelly Benson, Research of Engineering Personal Care Product & Technology Dept., Kimberly Clark
  • Brooke Berg, Product Development, Kimberly Clark
  • Jessica Bernard, Technical Designer, American Girl
  • Allison Beck, Apparel Product development Assistant, Huebsch Services
  • Emily Brecht, Technical Designer, Target
  • John Dzissah, Operations and Management Department Chair, UW-Stout
  • Ty Ellis, Global Sourcing Executive, Tahoe Group, LLC
  • Travis Gavinski, Professional in the Field, Extreme Sports Divas, LLC
  • Wendy Gavinski, President, Extreme Sports Divas, LLC
  • Sara Goodman, Product Line Manager - Apparel, Ardisam
  • Nalee Her, Merchant, Mason Companies
  • Kristene Larsen, VP Product Development, Podiumwear
  • Beth LaShomb, Development Manager, Target
  • Reid Lutter, Owner, Podiumwear
  • Mindy Martell, President, Clothier Design Source
  • Belinda McCormick, Lecturer, UW-Stout, CSTEMM, Apparel Design and Development
  • Kimberly Monaghan, Senior Designer, Target
  • Gindy Neidermyer, Associate Dean, CSTEMM, UW-Stout
  • Margaret Newhard, Director Product Development, Wigwam
  • Heather Paz, Technical Designer, Target
  • Meg Petty, Owner and Designer, Dimes & Wednesday
  • Sara Plath, Designer, Target
  • Jessica Polfer, HR, Talent and Acquisition Manager, Colony Brands Inc.
  • Stig Rahm, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Jongeun Rhee, Professor, UW-Stout, CSTEMM, Apparel Design and Development
  • Christina Rhein, Professional in the Field, Kimberly Clark
  • Jennifer Rickard, Technical Designer, Duluth Trading Company
  • Tara Ritchie, Product Development Manager, Colony Brands
  • Adam Schofield, Wardrobe Supervisor, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
  • Jessica Scholfield, Technical Designer, Christopher & Banks
  • Michael Sedivy, Manager, Kohl's
  • Emily Siems Roberson, Senior Designer - Merchandise Manager, Bioworld Merchandising
  • Tommi Smeltzer, Lecturer, UW-Stout, CSTEMM, Apparel Design and Development
  • Lisa Smith, VP Product Development, Creative Apparel Concepts
  • Sara Smith, Product Line Manager, Bioworld Merchandising 
  • Ann Sundet, Design Director, Content's Home Fashion & Design
  • Karen Swanson, Director of Technical Product, Target
  • Gina Thorsen, VP Marketing & Sales, Stormy Kromer
  • Peggy Troudt, Director of Product Development, Target
  • Jim Vaudreuil, President, Huebsch Services
  • Julie Ziperski, Technical Design Manager, Colony Brands Inc.
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