Photo of DeLeana Strohl

Dr. DeLeana Strohl, Ph.D., LPC, CRC

Program Director / Professor

Phone 715-232-4082
Office 229 Vocational Rehabilitation Building

DeLeana Strohl, Ph.D., LPC, CRC, is trained as a mental health counselor and rehabilitation counselor. She has worked in both settings. During her tenure as a rehabilitation counselor her consumer population had a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder. Dr. Strohl’s mental health counseling experience includes outpatient community mental health, prison population, and residents of retirement communities. She also served as Clinical Director for a group psychology practice serving seniors in retirement communities. Additionally, Dr. Strohl has over ten years of experience working with people with cognitive impairment. Her areas of specialization include trauma and trauma informed care, psychosocial adjustment to disability, aging and disability, psychiatric rehabilitation, multicultural counseling, and rehabilitation counselor education.