Professors receive sabbaticals, named research, ethics fellows

More than two dozen faculty members earn awards for 2019-20 academic year
Faculty member Bryan Ritchie demonstrates the art of printmaking in a class.
​Jerry Poling | June 11, 2019

A total of 25 University of Wisconsin-Stout professors have been awarded sabbaticals or have been named Ethics Fellows or Research Fellows for the 2019-20 academic year.

Deanna SchultzSabbaticals, which enable recipients to engage in intensive study to become more effective teachers and scholars, were granted to 10 professors. Recipients are chosen based on the merit of past academic contributions. They are:

  • Dave Beck, art and design, fall; researching historical Scotland and an ancient church site in Greenland using 3D augmented and virtual reality
  • Devin Berg, engineering and technology, full year; researching open engineering design in Peru with mechatronics and automation in agriculture
  • Virginia Lea, School of Education, fall; analysis of the Lac du Flambeau research project and American Indian Studies curriculum development
  • Cheng Liu, engineering and technology, spring; researching embedded system design in the U.S. and  Taiwan
  • Laura McCullough, chemistry and physics, full year; research for a book on women in physics and studying women’s leadership in STEM fields
  • Masako Onodera, art and art history, full year; researching traditional micromosaic work in Europe, small-scale glass casting and 3D modeling software
  • Daisy Pignetti, English and philosophy, full year; research for a book on how fan communities in Tumblr have expanded the blog genre into a separate medium
  • Bryan Ritchie, art and art history, spring; researching contemporary printmaking technology and developing a new printmaking portfolio
  • Deanna Schultz, teaching, learning and leadership, spring; researching the history of female leaders in career and technical education and in workforce education
  • Alan Scott, chemistry and physics, fall; research for a physics textbook related to statics and strength of materials

Jongeun RheeTwo professors have been named Ethics Fellows, part of the Research Fellows program, which provides reassigned time to complete substantive research projects:

  • Jonguen Rhee, operations and management, “Ethics in Design”
  • Christina Shane-Simpson, psychology, “Perceptions of Privacy and Privacy-related Behaviors in Online Spaces”

UW-Stout has a Center for Applied Ethics.

One professor was named a Center for Institutions and Innovation Fellow:

  • Jason Walter, social science, “How Search and Switching Costs Affect Innovation and Competition”

Faculty member Pranabendu Mitra, right, works with a student in the Food Product Development class.A total of 12 professors were named Research Fellows:

  • Andrei Ghenciu, mathematics, statistics and computer science, “Dynamical Systems and Their Applications” 
  • Joleen Hanson, English and philosophy, “Language-level Patterns in First-year Writing”
  • Dmitry Kadnikov, chemistry and physics, “New Imaging Tags for Detection of the Amino Acid Citrulline” 
  • Jerry Kapus, English and philosophy, “The Explanatory Role of Truth”
  • Taejo Kim, food and nutrition, “Development and Validation of Field-applicable Detection Kit for Vibrio Cholera in Seafood and Water”
  • Leni Marshall, English and philosophy, “Motivate and Improve Student Retention Through Intercultural Innovation”
  • Pranabendu Mitra, food and nutrition, “Optimization and Drying Kinetic Modeling of Hot Air Drying and Microwaved Highly Perishable Vegetables”
  • Kelly O'Brien, art and art history, “Installation as Experience”
  • Mitch Ogden, English and philosophy, “Flexibly Dynamic Narrative Content Structures: Responsible Storytelling and My Ultimate Road Trip App”
  • Zach Raff, social science, “The Social Costs of Coal-burning Residuals and Storage”
  • Julie Watts, English and philosophy, “Assessing Facebook Groups as a Program-recruitment and Community Building Tool”
  • Wei Zheng, engineering and technology, “Extracting Extensional Properties from Shear Response”

Faculty research at UW-Stout is coordinated through the Provost’s Office, the Senate Office and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.



Deanna Schultz

Jongeun Rhee

Faculty member Pranabendu Mitra, right, works with a student in the Food Product Development class.

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